photo gallery

  In the locker-room with Michael Jordan @ Glen Abbey golf course  PGA star …Anthony Kim   Sweet swinging Fred Couples @ the practice range getting warmed up!  Donavon Bailey, Sir Charles Barkley hanging @ Gretzky tournament in Collingwood Ontario  Alfonso & I talking about our golf outfits and our golf scores @ grizzly’s event  My brother Michael and Alfonzo &…myself enjoyed the day  I just realized this is my last game with my buddy Milt Stegall  With the Sheen family @ the Royal York during Tiff 

    This game was a shootout. ……a lot of fun!  High School home coming in San Diego  2010  In Edmonton during Grey Cup, gave Peter Mackay a #9 jersey, love the guy!  QB challenge in Hamilton…. I think I won this event   Thinking about the challenge and hoping everything goes well…. Lets go boys!!  Boys of the CfL…thank guys for your support!   

    Great friends and sponsor that name is ''Wilson'' lol  Love teaching..........  The future is in front of us…  Train with passion…  <b>TEAM</b> = <b>T</b>ogether, <b>E</b>verybody, <b>A</b>chieves, <b>M</b>ore  Game day @ Rogers Centre…yep we won!  Action from the Grey Cup game 2004…you know the deal Arrrrrgooos! 

  Pocket presence is key in playing QB  Running for daylight. Grey Cup 2004  That’s what this game is about…GREEEEYCuuuuup!  I like the vision but the ball is to low ……Bad Damon  I love what I do….  Great fundamental…..2 hands on ball!